The Marketplace that will revolutionize the lifestyle in the world
The first ecosystem of accommodation, coworking, and events spaces, driven by blockchain technology and accessible through Criptografic tokens which allows the interaction between spaces providers and freeliving users.
How does BRICKS4US work?


BRICKS4US is the first Marketplace to integrate the “Freeliving” users with providers of accommodation, coworking, and different events spaces; its Dapp is a powerful tool which allows a complete manage from publishing available spaces for different uses, to transfers of cryptocurrencies or FIAT money between the different parties of the ecosystem.

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Dapp Bricks4us
Our target market
Cultural Integration

Millennials, Digital Nomads, Freelancers, Entrepreneurs, Consultants and Independents.

Working style

Adoption of technology and digital development to have the freedom to work remotely and for results.


Prioritize travel, study and national or international mobility over the acquisition of own housing or other real estate.

Marketplace BRICKS4US actors

Newbies, experts, and even unaware people of the cryptographic universe, who can be integrated to BRICKS4US Marketplace with spaces up to 50% off the current market.


Landlords, spaces administrator related to coworking, accommodations, and/or events, even at a business level will participate on BRICKS4US Marketplace with rental offers and related services.


Experts in technology, development, innovation, architecture, administration, advertising, customer service, among others, with major cases of success that will guarantee a flawless execution of our Dapp and the BRICKS4US universe.

Our Bricks4us technology

BRICKS4US is the first technological platform in Latin America designed to integrate the different actors and users of the real estate sector through cryptographic Tokens. The platform is aimed at automating real estate processes, from the publication of accommodation spaces, coworking, events, to services and related products. The smart contracts developed in the Dapp BRICKS4US allow the use of the Blockchain to guarantee reliable, transparent, secure and real-time transactions.

Thanks to our platform, cost overruns generated by brokers or real estate agents, real estate directories, procedures, security studies, commissions, abuses of users or tenants are eliminated. Likewise, office lease expenses and all types of traditional business space are optimized, achieving prices up to 50% under the current market.   

Systematization of
network processes:

Automation of affiliation, publication and regulation of spaces. An application that allows you to view real estate, select spaces and pay for all services in real time.

Smart contracts
and Blockchain:

Total application of this innovative technology, taking advantage of its versatility, transparency and security. A comprehensive and decentralized system that reduces costs and improves opportunities.

Programming and payment
of network services:

The system allows the usage of 70 cryptocurrencies, B4U Tokens, and/or FIAT (traditional money) to access to the spaces and services offered, giving the possibility to both experts and newbies to be part of the ecosystem.

Exchanges at
various levels:

BRICKS4US Dapp allows providers to join the Marketplace without expertise in cryptocurrency or cryptographic projects, given that the incomes can be received in cryptocurrencies, Tokens B4U, or in local FIAT money.

Our Token
What is B4U?

It is the first Marketplace that integrates “freeliving” users with providers of spacer for rent to accommodate, cowork, and/or made events, as well as other related services.

What is it B4U?

It is the access token that will allow users to participate on the Dapp and to use the spaces offered on it; B4U token make possible the concept of unified spaces.

  • Name of the Token:  B4U
  • Total tokens: 100 millones de Tokens B4U
    Scope of the Tokens sale
  • Hard Cap 100 million Tokens B4U
  • Medium Cap  60 million Tokens B4U
  • Soft Cap  40 million Tokens B4U
  • Exchange:   1 B4U = 0.1$
  • Purchase method:   Ethereum (ETH)
  • Minimum purchase:  100$
    Start of Tokens sale of: January 15, 2019
    – Private pre-sale January 15, 2019
    – Public pre-sale January 22, 2019
    – Public sale January 29, 2019
Distribution of funds
  • 23% Business infrastructure (Rent spaces "wholesale")
  • 21% Bonuses
  • 15% Bricks4Us Team
  • 13% Dapp Bricks4us
  • 25% Marketing
  • 2% Legal
  • 1% Bounty
Scope of tokens
  • 40.000.000 Soft Cap
  • 60.000.000 Medium Cap
  • 100.000.000 Hard Cap
Timeline for bonuses
Private pre-sale
Coming soon
1 B4U = 0,00029 ETH Token fee
From 100,000 to 499,999 tokens = Bonus + 30%
From 500,000 to 999,999 tokens = Bonus + 40%
Greater than 1,000,000 tokens = Bonus + 50%
Public pre-sale
Coming soon
1 B4U = 0,00029 ETH Token fee
From 50.000 to 100.000 tokens = Bonus + 20%
From 20.000 to 49.999 tokens = Bonus + 10%
Public sale
Coming soon
1 B4U = 0,00029 ETH Token fee
351.910.350 Hard cap
234.025.000 Medium cap
117.012.500 Soft cap
How do we do it?

In order to make this project a reality, three basic stages have been set up for its consolidation, execution and expansion, each one thinking about the inclusion and optimization of the participation of the ecosystem actors.


TGE launching will allow the Project financial strengthening, making possible the massive use of our concept and our database consolidation of available spaces.

Access tokens will be available for its uBRICKS4US Dapp will allow the users to access to thousands of spaces paying with more than 70 different cryptocurrencies, with B4U tokens, and even with traditional FIAT money.
The design of B4U tokens cycle facilitates the generation of trust in the token itself, the concept, and the team, resulting in a coverage growth of the Marketplace.
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Road map
Our strategy and planning
1 Dec 2018 – 15 Jan 2019
Development of MVP BRICKS4US
1 Jan 2019
Start of ICO promotion
15 Jan 2019
Launch of the ICO
15 Jan – 22 Jan 2019
Private pre-sales Tokens B4U
22 Jan – 29 Jan 2019
Pre-sale public Tokens B4U
22 Jan – 1 Mar 2019
Public sale of Tokens B4U
June 2019
Connection to the Global Distribution System (GDS)
July 2019
Dapp release
Meet our professionals
Juan Ángel Arévalo
Luis Antonio Lozano Barrero
Fernando García Loaiza
Kashyap P
Devendra Rabadia
Rajesh Rabadia
Enrique Cotes Suárez
Mario Fernando Orrego Peña
Jeniffer Daniela Garcia
Mauricio Fernando Morales
José Villegas
Construction partner
Construction company created in 2012 that already has in its resume with the completed construction of two housing buildings, a corporate building and two projects in the process of sale and execution one of 41 country houses and the other 40 studies of a single environment that are the product in which we will focus on the proposed project.
Coworking Associates
Related News
Advances of the real sector
How cryptocoins will affect the real estate industry

It is clear that cryptocurrencies will be a disruptive factor in their adoption in the Real Estate sector. He also points out that millennials are adopting very quickly the use of cryptocurrencies and it is projected that there will be more and more number of adepts to use crypts in Real Estate, because of the flexibility they can provide to close deals.

He also advises making early investments that prepare us for a future that already reaches where we will benefit.

WeLive, The New Type of Building Where Millennials Live Sharing (And Happy?)

As we can see the new trends are taking the world and as entrepreneurs we must be watching carefully being on the offensive always regarding our proposals. That’s what we do at Bricks4us, presenting innovative solutions using cryptocurrencies.

We know that those who generate these new needs and changes are young people who in our project are identified as digital nomads, entrepreneurs, millennials, FreeLancers and all those names with which we call new generations with their lifestyles and ways of being productive . Brickcs4us presents Cryptoinversionists with the correct view. The world confirms this.

Buying A Home With Bitcoin Makes Sense: Shark Tank Investor Barabara Corcoran

Given the global trends of the new generations with the use of digital technology, the way of thinking, living and investing is changing, that is why these generations are in a better condition to take on the risk of an industry that takes over the world and from which no one will want to depart, as Barbara Corcoran says the purchase of Real Estate with Cryptocurrencies will be the future.

B4U in the media
Why choose us


An innovative service proposal with a broad market demand.


A disruptive solution for access to technologically-relegated sectors.


An opportunity to promote the massive participation of tokens buyers.


A comprehensive web system that mobilizes and expands the BRICKS4US universe.


The combination of perfect knowledge and experience as a guarantee of success.

KYC/AML Compliance
Audit Token in Process

Connect with us
Frequently asked questions
About Bricks4Us

Bricks4us team is the synergy between knowledge and experience in totally different branches that have been perfectly integrated for this project and have become the formula for success.

The leading members of Bricks4us are experts in the real estate sector, software and projects. Their experience in these areas has made them stand out in each new path they have undertaken, each in their field of action. Not only they have adequately trained and have extensive experience, we refer to the results of their management always as leaders and entrepreneurs who have made significant contributions to the economy of several nations in Latin America and to the social and innovation sector, impacting positively the culture and industry of each country.

The Bricks4us team is made up of entrepreneurs who run organizations of great economic maturity and a solid structure allowing them to be sustainable and have a remarkable exponential growth since its inception more than 20 years ago. This reflects their perseverance and talent for new projects, as well as their “nose” for business. Their current companies are the tangible and accurate example of their commitment and vocation as entrepreneurs.

One of the great strengths of these entrepreneurs is the consolidation of efficient and relevant teams. Their management and example allow them to generate “followers” who, seeing their vision and integrity, join a common cause allowing them to create work teams, advisors and allies, strengthening their capabilities and complementing their knowledge and experience needs in various areas.

That said, we can corroborate their commitment to this project through the first plot granted by the members of Bricks4us leading team as an evident example of the trust they have in the project and in their skills to direct it towards secure success. This plot has 751 square meters and is located in the city of Barranquilla, Atlantico, Colombia with all the features required by the housing rental network as a privileged location and is currently worth $300,000 dollars. This plot was granted for the construction of the first building in the network with which cryptocurrency investors will see benefits from the beginning of their investment.

One of the great benefits and rewards of this project is the security of having the usual returns of the housing construction sector, but the great differences are:

  • Buildings will be available for rental and not for sale (unless associates decide to sell the buildings and share profits after 5 years of the project).
  • Designs and finishes in apartments are aimed to a generation with specific tastes and needs with the benefit of rent and not of purchase, taking into account their preferences regarding money and capitalization.
  • It is the only offer that will exist in the market with the concept of “complete experience” as it will provide not only the rental service but also cleaning, laundry, internet, digital TV and the administration of the units through Apps.

The B4U Tokens will be the participation component in the project, the Bricks4us team will launch tokens in various stages: private pre-sale, public pre-sale and final public sale (See Road Map). During this time, the participants will be able to obtain B4U by sending ETH from their accounts to the Bricks4us account.

Private pre-sale of tokens: 8/15/18 – 09/15/18; Public pre-sale of tokens: 09/16/18 – 09/30/18; Public sale of tokens: 10/01/18 – 10/30/18; Distribution of B4U tokens: 12/15/18.

It is a concept created by BRICKS4US, it has no precedents nor a standard definition in any outstanding culture. “Freeliving” refers to the unification of life trends of new and future generations. It is the integration of the tastes and life goals of Millennials, Digital Nomads, Freelancers, Entrepreneurs, Consultants and Independents in general. People who adopted technology and digital development for professional and personal execution. Therefore, they have designed a life with very different characteristics from previous generations:

  1. They do not comply with schedules or daily trips to offices.
  2. They use the Internet to work remotely.
  3. Their objectives are travel and study over the purchase of a house of their own.
  4. They work collaboratively and exchange knowledge.
  5. They prefer, in some cases, the change of permanent nation or city.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, Monero.

Innovation and transformation through information technology has been, and will be, a fundamental mission for Bricks4us members, which is why in recent years they have impacted Latin America with important developments combining software, hardware and communications to provide solutions to infrastructure challenges and control and security needs in various areas. Below are some of the most notable successful projects that are still transcending in other continents due to their effectiveness and excellent results:



In 1998, Colombia had Compressed Natural Gas Vehicle (CNGV) service in 13 gas stations and 5,000 vehicles. But it was required to control the maintenance of the Gas Kit of these vehicles since it was done in an inadequate way and without real control generating insecurity, and the conversion cost was very high for owners. Therefore, all the aforementioned avoided increasing the use of CNGV in the country.

Control the Gas Kit maintenance in Colombian and increase the number of vehicles converted to NGV.

An innovative fully-integrated system of Software, Hardware and Communications was developed for the maintenance control and credit collection of the gas kit in compressed natural gas vehicles (CNGV) stations, covering all the entities involved in this process such as: GNCV stations, GNCV distributors, financial entities and certifiers, being the first and only one so far worldwide and the standard system in more than 1,000 gas stations.

Evolution of the System

Thanks to the experience gained through the constant implementation and development of programs for the mass use of natural gas, the product has evolved since 1999 when the first specialized software for the automation of natural gas stations was created. In 2001, a consultancy to the national government of Colombia was made and, as a result, the NTC 4829 Colombian Technical Norm was obtained. In 2004, the consultancy is made in Peru, whose implementation is carried out in 2005. In Bolivia, it begins with the advice for the certification and massification of NGV in 2006 and in 2010 the implementation of the program for the massification and use of NGV begins in the city of Tarija. By 2013, 320,000 vehicles have been converted to CNG and a unique system has been developed where all entities and processes involved in the programs or projects for the massification of natural gas are controlled and managed. Some of the processes are conversion, transformation, requalification, and maintenance.




In 2006, work with the government of Bolivia began aiming at encouraging the massification of natural gas vehicles and the change of the energy matrix because, at the time, there was only a fleet of 30,000 CNG vehicles and the high cost of the subsidy for diesel and LPG was 180 million dollars nationwide. Therefore, at the request of the Superintendence of Hydrocarbons of Bolivia, Servipunto opens a station in Tarija as a pilot test of the model (Valeogas) for the massification of natural gas to demonstrate its scope and functionality in 2006. Thanks to these NGV Pilot Plan conversions increased by 560% comparing the period from 2000-2005 versus 2006-2013. Between 2007 and 2012, the Bolivian government created and regulated the norms required for the massification and change of energy matrix towards the CNG supported by Zencillo Software, former Servipunto managing to satisfy all the requirements of the Government of Bolivia. In 2013, all the legislation had already been established and the Bolivian Government called for tenders nationwide to implement the change of the energy matrix, but it was deserted. Afterwards, Bolivia tenders overseas and Zencillo Software with its Valeogas model was the only one that met the requirements and won the tender.


Implement the entire operation for the transformation, conversion, maintenance and requalification of vehicles to CNG nationwide within 45 days.

The Valeogas web platform is adapted to the requirements of the Bolivian government taking into account all the entities participating in the operation, such as gas stations, conversion workshops, transformation workshops, governmental and control entities. Zencillo Software manages the operation with state-of-the-art technology of the different programs of for the massification of natural gas vehicles in an articulated manner with the sectors involved in the CNG chain. The Valeogas model allows generating savings for the State, savings for the beneficiaries, efficient use of economic resources; economic and financial self-sustainability of the resources invested, recovery of the resources invested, and exploitation of the benefits of the use of NGV in each of the phases of the change of energy matrix.

The Valeogas model for changing the energy matrix implemented by Zencillo Software Corporation adheres to the principles of efficiency in the use of economic resources, financial self-sustainability, social inclusion and development of the national productive sector that guide the Ministry of Hydrocarbons and Energy of Bolivia. Likewise, the models applied not only allow significant savings of resources to Bolivia but also generate surplus in the economy of the social sectors, beneficiary organizations and the thousands of users and families that use NGV. Thanks to this, Bolivia currently has: the “NGV Vehicle Conversion Program”, the “NGV Cylinder Requalification and/or Replenishment Program” and the “NGV Diesel Vehicle Transformation Program”. The success of these programs leads to the constant design of new ways to generate profit through the use of natural gas vehicles.

Valeogas Benefits

Integration of information: The Valeogas web platform allows government entities to record all the information of the beneficiaries and control the status and level of evolution of each application: from the conversion or transformation request until its delivery. The conversion and transformation workshops control their internal operation for each vehicle, registering the process and the traceability of the components installed with an extended scope to the point of generating a government bill for each vehicle transformed or converted. In the gas stations, the automation of all processes is promoted, generating a control over the delivery of fuel and the collections for the transformation or conversion concept to consolidate all the information of the operation nationwide with dedicated access for the different entities. The beneficiary of the energy matrix change program can manage their payments directly at the gas stations at the moment of charging gas and access their payment information on the Valeogas web platform.

  1. It is not a hotel chain.
  2. It is not a construction company for the real estate sale.
  3. It is not a traditional real estate company.

If to access the contract in GITHUB click here and to see the audit click here

About Tokens

It’s very simple and safe. Just follow these steps

  • Create a user (e-mail and password) in Bricks4us and register your Ethereum
  • You can register your Ethereum account through MetaMask for more security. MetaMask is a plugin that bridges several Dapps and your Chrome browser without compromising your security, using multiple accounts and without the need to use a complete Ethereum The idea is to integrate all services, including those of Ethereum, in the browser.
  • Enter your data in your Bricks4us account and sign up for KYC/AML compliance (protocol of security and authenticity of the information).
  • Once the information in KYC/AML is valid, the Bricks4us account will be activated.
  • Buy the Tokens you want from Bricks4us with the Ethereum cryptocurrency through MetaMask.
  • Validate the income of the Bricks4us to your registered Ethereum account one month after the purchase transaction.

Minimum purchase = 0.29 ETH; Maximum purchase= N/A.

The Dapp Bricks4us will offer all the conditions to perform exchanges of tokens to Ethereum, using Blockchain and under the parameters of smart contracts.

Within a maximum of 45 days after the stage sale of tokens is closed.

A total of 1,000 million B4U tokens will be launched and in the first stage of the project, 351,910,350 B4U tokens will be launched.

General Terms

A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography for security. A cryptocurrency is difficult to fake because of this security feature. A feature of a cryptocurrency, and undoubtedly its most endearing appeal, is its organic nature; it is not issued by any central authority, so it is theoretically immune to government interference or manipulation.

A token is a digital asset sold to the public during an ICO campaign, usually purchased through other popular cryptocurrencies, for example, BTC or ETH, or sometimes directly through fiduciary currency. Unlike a cryptocurrency, tokens generally do not have their own blockchain, but are hosted in another blockchain, such as Ethereum.

A blockchain is a distributed database where the storage devices are not connected to a common server. This database stores a constantly growing list of ordered records, called blocks. Each block contains a timestamp and a link to the previous block.

It stands for Token Generation Event. The predominant concept in this Event is in the difference between “cryptocurrency” and “cryptographic token”; a cryptocurrency has a unique utility or limited operation as a value and does not involve dynamic functions whereas a “cryptographic token” does, it can store diverse and complex values and show multiple facets in the same project, such as the generation of BRICKEN through activated B4U, which is explained in the content of the website and Whitepaper.

In this order, a generation of cryptographic tokens is also required due to the use of Smart Contracts through Ethereum, taking advantage of the fact that it is a highly- programmable model.

We could summarize the concepts in “A cryptocurrency does one thing, a cryptographic token does multiple things.” This is how the definition of the consolidation stage of this project and its use within the ecosystem was established as TGE and not ICO because a more complex system is looked for in terms of internal functioning and with possibilities of expansion and future projection.

An initial coin offer (ICO), also known as digital tokens selling or crowdsale, is a way to raise funds from the public for the development of a product outside the traditional world. In general, the products are blockchain-based technologies, but the crowdsale model is also increasingly used for other types of projects.

  • Whitepaper: It is a document that describes in detail all the relevant and determining data of a type ICO or TGE project, as in the case of BRICKS4US. This document clearly expresses the What? How? When? Why? and Who? of the idea. This information is available for public consultation.
  • Litepaper: It is a summarized version of the Whitepaper, a light reading of the information so that the readers can get a clear and concrete idea of the project, without having to go into complex details about the execution. This document answers the same questions of the Whitepaper (What? How? When? Why? and Who?) only in short paragraphs that express general ideas.
  • Onepager: It is a document of one or maximum two infographic sheets where the reader can find the objective of the project, how it is to be achieved and the benefits that the participants can obtain.

Coinmarketcap, Onchainfx, Coincodex, Cryptocompare, Bitinfocharts, Coincheckup, Coingecko, Coincap, Coinlib.

Binance, Bittrex, Kucoin, Crytopia, Poloniex, Coinbase, Xapo.

When participating in an ICO, there is never a guarantee that the product whose tokens are being offered will succeed, either during its ICO or in its future development. Like any crowdfunding campaign, people should think about contributing as a donation to a project in support of their development potential, and the tokens as a kind of reward for their support. However, in the case of an ICO campaign, the reward (tokens) has the potential to increase in value once the tokens are released and available in the exchanges. The price will fluctuate according to the status of the project and the market in which it operates, which is the case for all companies.